We know you love what we sell, so why not get paid for sharing our brand? We actively seek passionate people to help promote our products, and in return we provide an extremely generous rewards program that provides an excellent, continuous, and attractive source of additional income. We will provide access to your own software that tracks every lead, sale and commission payment due to you. Everything you need to start is available right now...

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Whether you are our Dear Customer or a Fashion Blogger / Influencer you can become our brands ambassador with all benefits it offers!
  • We pay commission on validated sales (excluding delivery charges and VAT) that you drive to our site - everyone is welcome to join the program - no requirements apply to numbers of followers. All your followers receive discounts advertised by you on your social medias.
  • Regularly updated feeds with a variety of brand new, on-trend products, as well as creatives.
  • You receive your commission on automated pay out within 4 weeks
  • Opportunities to run exclusive partnerships with Denim Crush
  • Gifted Collaborations for Macro Influencers (15000-150000 followers)
  • Special discounts for Nano Influencers (1500-15000 followers)



Here is how it works:

Display your link or promo code or creatives on your social medias

Your Friends and Followers click and go to shop at

You automatically receive commission payment on each sale.

Your Friends and Followers complete their orders.


Refer your friends to the program and make more money:

Earn 10% commission on your own sales Plus Extra 5% of your Friends commission


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Examples of Approved and Disproved images:

(This is a requirement for Bloggers and Influencers only, doesn't apply to our customers).


 Approved Images of Jeans/Trausers/Pants/Tops: Disproved Imagesof Jeans/Trausers/Pants/Tops:


 Approved Images of Tops/Jackets/Jumpers etc:
Disproved Images of Tops/Jackets/Jumpers etc:




 Approved Images of Dresses/Jumpsuits/Catsuits etc:
Disproved Dresses/Jumpsuits/Catsuits etc:



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