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Denim Crush Brand ID



-Our Mission is to make women who wear our denim feel sexy and comfortable. We offer them with a selection of clothes that are to become their "favourite jeans" from the first time they put it on. Girls of all body shapes would find plenty of stylish pieces that fit them well and become the secret of great daily look. Most of our jeans come with a hint of spice to let every women who wears Denim Crush to feel like a star.


-Our Vision is to become most favourite brand for women who struggle to find good quality jeans online that would fit them well, and look great on them not the first time only, but also after many washes. We want to become the most desired denim brand there is.


-Target Audience: We supply denim pieces for any occasion to women aged 24-34 Singles and Young Independents, mostly living in large cities, urban, low-mid range budget, love dressing up day and night no matter the occasion, love shopping, coffee with friends, dinning out, holidays, we are fashionistas and "very Instagram".


-Our Personality - We are BOLD and SPICY, we are sexual, seductive, desireful, confident.

We are not sweet, joyful, happy, lovable, satisfying

We are not salty, tough, dominant, raw, rough

We are not sour, youthful, free-spirited, daring, differentiating

We are not, bitter, sober, serious, modest, fresh


-Tone of voice: going in line with Our Personality, seductive, enticing, confident and relatable. However, we don't take ourselves too seriously and that can be inferred through the words and visuals. We wan't our customers to relate to us and connect with the brand. We aim to emphasise on desireful "single ladies" world.


USP: Great product range with stretch fabric in every product offering perfect fit.


Logo Guidelines - see logo attached

Primary colours: white, black, grey

Secondary Colours: blue, red, peach and yellow (colour of the year 2019)


Tagline: "Shape of Me"


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