Rock the Leather Look

Rock on the Leather Trousers 

The leather trousers have been slowly getting into our wardrobes, but it can be a tricky piece to match. They can make you look hot AF or make you look like a trash bag sausage.

If you are considering getting some leather look trousers, take into account:


  • Try to keep it simple, starting with basic black leggings will be the best option. Easy to match and not hard to pull out.
  • Take your correct size, a size too small or too big will make a big difference on how the trousers are contouring your body.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable with them. Not feeling comfortable in your clothes can be the is the worst look killer.


Here we have selected some style inspiration to match your leather trousers, outfits for every occasion that make you look chic, hot and stylish.


Mixing your leather trousers with basic tops like black / white sweaters or blouses will make you look classy with a chic touch.


For a casual look, mixing it with knitwear and sneakers is the ready-to-go look.


And for a night out, leather trousers and heels are the MUST HAVE.