Jumpsuit and dungaree guide

Jumpsuit and dungaree guide


We know the feeling, loving the jumpsuits but how and when to wear them…


The adult onesie is one of the most featured pieces of clothing lately, but is it really that good? Jumpsuits are the perfect piece of clothing that is simple and will make you stand out without any effort.


Of course, jumpsuits can have its awkward part of how do you pee? Well you do it normally and if you are worried about this we recommend you get a jumpsuit with a frontal closure, so you won’t be doing yoga positions trying to get you jumpsuit out.


The best advantage of jumpsuits is that they will help you create a long lean silhouette, the old trick of monochromatic total look is here to help you. For this, you also need to carefully select your size as you want to enhance your body and not bringing a camel-toe to the party.


Here we have selected amazing examples and styles inspiration to rock the jumpsuit…