High Waist - High Rise



Right now, high waist jeans and high-rise Jeans are trending everywhere. Supporting the mom and boyfriend jeans high waist and high-rise denim is here to stay… but are they the same?

No, they are not! In the market, we usually refer to them as the same, but you should know the difference.


When we talk about a high rise, is when the waistband of the denim is in a high position, close to your belly bottom and fitting to your body.


And the high waist is when the waistband is usually replaced by another piece that is bigger and is the one that is coming close to your belly bottom. Usually, this piece of the denim comes with buttons and special designs to fit and flatter your body.

Now that you the difference, take into account that this trend helps you look more flattering accentuating your feminine body and will always make you look hot AF with high heels and a cute top!