Going Denim on Denim


One of the trends that is making a comeback is the Denim on Denim or also known as the Canadian Tuxedo. It’s basically the classic jeans with denim jacket mix, we know that sometimes it is hard to pull out, specially because we don’t want to look like this. (sorry Britney!)

So here are some tips on how to apply this denim look with a modern and lusty touch!👌

  • Mix different shades of denim

This is the easiest trick, as you will be rocking a contrast denim outfit with few effort and a lot of style!

  • Layering

Wearing different layers of clothes will give you the perfect color contrast between your denim clothes.

    • Break up the all-denim

    Use tops with contrasting colors or patterns to break the all-denim look.


    • Play with textures

    Denim tops can come on different styles and textures that help you give it a special twist to your look.

    • Distressed denim

    Our beloved ripped jeans are the perfect match for going on a denim on denim look, as they look relaxed and sexy at the same time!