Are you as obsessed with Cardi B as we are??

Are you as obsessed with Cardi B as we are? 

The new hip-hop star is rising!  

Belcalis Almamnzar, the American artists and Instagram celebrity that after being 2 years on MTV's show Love & Hip Hop: New York finally sign her own record deal and blew the world away with her single YELLOW BLACK.

This is where it all started as right now she’s having 3 hits in the top 10 at the same time: -No Limits” (fronted by G-Eazy), “MotorSport” (fronted by Migos) and her own “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)”— for 2 weeks in a row. These triple hits have only been achieved before by The Beatles and Ashanti 

And of course, she keeps on growing as she just released her new song with Bruno Mars, Finesse.


But of course, we don’t only love her music, we also love her style!

Here are some of our favorite looks:

She definitely knows how to pull some ripped jeans!

And look super-hot in leather trousers